Steel Script Presents: A Night in Poetry was Wanderer's first production. She created, directed and produced this show which was presented by the poetry collective, which she founded at the United States Air Force Academy, Steel Script. Wanderer's goal was to present different perspectives of various people and show from where some may be coming pertaining to their outlooks and responses to issues in the world. She intended to spark and encourage conversation that would lead to some understanding with the ultimate hope of unity in a troubled world that is rushing to its demise via discord.Throughout the evening, Steel Script covered many topics to include mental health, healthy relationships, the pressures of coming of age and more. Wanderer opened the night with her original poem entitled "Define Poetry" accompanied by Valerie Westland. This introduction set the mood and made the audience aware of the purpose of the show. After the introduction, members of Steel Script performed poems that addressed various issues in different ways. There we some group pieces (poems performed by more than one poet) and individual performances. Following the set, Steel Script united for a theatrical group piece. This challenge piece worked much like a short play in terms of "scenes" which came together to form one poem. It used police brutality as a medium for discussing the issue behind another aspect of the problems stemming from it. The challenge piece presents the perspectives of different people of different races, socioeconomic statuses, careers, lifestyles and relationships to the brutality incident itself. The show ultimately closed with a charge from Wanderer (later joined by Steel Script) to the audience through her original poem "I Care." In it she encourages listeners to listen to one another and find some grounds to find unity so that this world may become a better place.