Cydnée Alyxzan is passionate about tapping into the potential of the people in this world. She made the decision to use her art to help others and, in doing so, give people the opportunity and avenue to join her and do the same. Cydnée Alyxzan is spreading love through art to find unity in a divided world. When you give to Wanderer Speaks United, rest assured that your gift will be directly helping people in need.

Our current gift campaign is going towards supporting those affected by domestic violence.

Cydnée’s debut single “You (Superwoman)” is a true storytelling song. It walks listeners through the experience of a woman who is not being treated the way she deserves to be treated in her relationship. While she still loves her partner, she has finally found the strength to love herself enough to walk away. Sadly, this maltreatment is the story of so many, and not all of them have found their strength yet. The gifts received during this campaign will be given to Hope House- an organization that is dedicated to making sure every man, woman, and child affected by domestic violence can find refuge and freedom. All gifts given in the name of “You (Superwoman)” will be directed to this organization to help them continue to provide the necessary assistance and resources to help those who come to them find their strength, escape bad situations and get back on their feet.

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