About Wanderer

Wanderer grew up in Kansas City, MO. She is known for complex and layer filled, passionate delivery and writing. She engages with communities and uses what she learns in her works. Her goal is to present various perspectives of different life experiences of sub groups of people through art. This art is in place to encourage conversation that leads to unity, love and peace in the world. Wanderer has been writing and performing spoken word poetry since 2013 and won poetry slams in Colorado Springs (Hear Here), Kansas City (FTW Slam), New York (Nuyorican Poets Cafe) and San Antonio (Puro Slam), to name a few. She has presented for and spoken to various groups of people including the Pikes Peak Southern Christian Leadership Conference, opening for author/speaker Megan Fate Marshman, and being the feature poet at Zodiac Venue/Bar in Colorado Springs, CO. Wanderer also began a poetry collective—Steel Script—at her alma mater, The United States Air Force Academy. This troupe is the first professional club that the institution has officially backed and for which it has granted funding. These poets challenge audiences by addressing difficult and controversial topics and including all perspectives in an effort to encourage unity via understanding and acknowledgement. Wanderer created, produced and directed Steel Script’s debut, one night only show; which garnered an audience of 1,000 people. 

Beyond the world of poetry, Wanderer takes her other artistic interests and uses them for good. She founded a production company, Wanderer Speaks United, which produces artistic projects and uses them to raise funds and resources for and awareness of various issues people are facing. In the summer of 2018, she created, filmed, directed and produced a short film to raise awareness of and resources for those experiencing homelessness. In one month, she created the project, raised $2,600 and coordinated two volunteer days for the community to join her in helping those in need-- over 20 people were present at each event.

Wanderer's mission is to inspire change by re-introducing love for one another into the world by way of art.